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Chairman of the Polish Government Re-Investigation Commission of the Crash of Polish Air Force One on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk Russian Image Management by Retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligene Officer, Eugene Poteat, LL.D Smolensk Crash Disinformation Explosives Found on the wreckage of Polish Air Force One. Coverup by Suicide Smolensk Crash Timeline Smolensk Crash Lie Exposed. Smolensk Crash Victims 9 Questions for Dr. Binienda. Polish president's security was intentionally compromised. Scientific analysis of Smolensk crash points to the invalidity of the official findings. 2014 independent Smolensk Crash Raport: What do we know about Smolensk crash today.

“April 10, 2010 crash was a pre-planned incident.” Shocking revelation by Polish Intelligence Agent

SCND AUGUST 17, 2015

“The weather is nice, and you are off today, so go for a walk,” this is what Piotr Wroński was told by his bosses from the AW (Polish Intelligence Agency) on the day of the Smolensk crash, when he tried to find out if a high alert was announced. With time he has become convinced that the crash could have been an assassination.

Chaos and inactivity dominated all Polish security services on the day of April 10, 2010. “A friend from ABW (Polish Internal Security Agency) rang me on the day of the crash, surprised that in his agency nothing happens either,” said Colonel Piotr Wroński. “On Monday, following the tragedy, I a colleague of mine arrived at work wearing black-color ties. Someone on the hallway told me not to embarrass myself by such a “political manifestation”. I was shocked,” added Wroński.

Jerzy Miller Commission

According to the former employee of the AW, all Polish security services should have been put on high alert on April 10, 2010. “A tragic death of President and 95 government officials on that day would make security services of any country in the world suspect of assassination,” says Wroński. “Any theories should be examined and none should be rejected on political basis.” Wroński emphasized that one of the victims of the Smolensk crash was a deputy minister, responsible for the purchase of military equipment for the Polish army. His death resulted in the postponement of Poland’s negotiations with the U.S., and subsequently gave more time to Russia.

“Scelus in fecit cui prodest,” which in Latin means “one who benefits from the crime has done it.” Who benefited? Russia and the governing coalition in Poland,” said Wroński, who still resents Donald Tusk for his friendly hug with Russia’s prime minister on the day of the Smolensk crash. “Putin took over the initiative, there was coldness in his face; he knew what he was doing. Judging by the absence of intelligence forces and the immediate dismissal of an assassination theory, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Polish government had a keen interest in getting rid of some political figures,” commented Wroński. He worked at a Polish embassy in London for six years as a security guard during visits of Polish presidents and prime ministers. In Wroński’s view, there were effective procedures in place during those visits, something that was lacking on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk. “How is it possible that none of the airport staff was aware of the flight until 2 days before the visit? When President Kwaśniewski came for an informal stay, we received notification almost a month before,” emphasized Wroński, who felt indignant about the preparation for the visit.

The differences spotted by the former AW employee in various media reports of the Smolensk crash are significant. “I watched the crash coverage on Russia-1, TVP24 (Polish), BBC and CNN channels simultaneously. The Russian media speculated about the pilots’ error within one hour of the crash. I was very surprised that, minutes later, the Polish media repeated the same information, admittedly in a questioning manner, but still. In the meantime, BBC and CNN considered a variety of scenarios, assassination included. It struck me as odd that Russians immediately began procedures to secure the site. Since I have worked in Russia for 20 years, I know they are rather disorderly. There is no chance that they could have gathered so many units to “secure” a small airport like Smolensk within 15 minutes. Therefore, it wasn’t about securing the evidence, but about blocking access. I asked myself why there were no Polish officials on site, or anybody from the Polish embassy. I am aware that they couldn’t have been there in a blink of an eye, but security services should have set off to the site immediately,” explained Wroński. In his opinion, the site was not appropriately secured and Russians practically contaminated the evidence. Wroński pointed out that intelligence officers are normally present at every Polish embassy, and the correct procedure would have been to send immediately a team to Smolensk, either from Minsk, Moscow, Kiev, or Vilnius diplomatic missions, even if it meant exposing agents’ identities. With the whole world’s eyes on Smolensk, Polish officers could have not possibly been denied entry by Russians. Unfortunately, Putin’s people swiftly took control over the crash, whereas, according to Wroński, the Polish authorities, including Jerzy Bahr, Poland’s Ambassador in Moscow at the time, should have followed diplomatic laws and refused Russians entry to the site or their involvement in the investigation. That did not happen, though.

Wroński was gravely concerned about the presence of Russian security forces on the site, including the forces of OMON and Spetsnaz. “Spetsnaz was probably there to instantly remove evidence significant for Russia, such as personal and work IDs, but mainly phones and other communication devices, and, most importantly, the black boxes. Russians basically stole all those devices. As a result, Poland has only received copies of black box recordings. After the recent crash of Germanwings plane in the Alps, Germans travelled to the site to gather the black boxes, which were opened and examined back in Germany. The same happened in the case of the crash in Lockerbie. And what about Smolensk?” asked Wroński poignantly. “The laptop of the National Security Bureau’s director had not been found to this day.”

The fact that offices of the late President Kaczyński were rather hastily filled by Bronisław Komorowski who, as Marshal of the Sejm, immediately took over the presidential duties did not escape Wroński, who has 30 years of experience in working for security services. Wroński also complaints about Antoni Macierewicz for getting involved in an open and complicated debate, when he should have focused on revealing facts easy for the public to understand, such as the violation of procedures and lack of preparation for the visit. Macierewicz has been manipulated by the government into a debate designed to blur the facts, confuse and annoy Polish people. Although Wroński does not blame Macierewicz for it but still thinks the MP made a mistake. The Polish media are also to blame for willingly joining the Civic Platform in their attacks against Macierewicz.

“Considering assassination is not just an expression of my personal views. Such conclusion comes from analysing the commonly known information. It is also important to remember that an explosion is not the only way to cause a crash; it can be caused by a set of premeditated circumstances. A tired crew, outdated landing approach plates, bad weather conditions, poorly prepared airport and air traffic controllers deliberately chosen to work on that particular day. I struggle not to see it as a pre-designed event. It is hardly possible that on the same day the monitoring failed, the radars happened to work imprecisely, the airport radio lights were faulty and lacking in quantity, and air traffic controllers accidentally misinformed the crew. There are too many bad coincidences here. The swift departure of those air traffic controllers and the lack of access to their version of events also raise suspicions,” emphasized Wroński, pointing out the dubious circumstances surrounding the crash.

He believes that the prosecution is well aware of the immense number of violations committed by the Polish security services, but does not reveal them for fear of a scandal it would cause. Wroński hopes that the security services will appoint a team to investigate the events of April 10, 2010. “Even if it takes 15 years, we have a duty to establish the truth. My analysis leads to the same conclusions as the one by the retired CIA officer, and BND (German Federal Intelligence Service), all known to the Polish public. Security services all over the world think in similar terms, and the lapse of time only confirms the credibility of the assassination theory,” concluded the retired colonel.

Source: www.pch24.pl
Translation: JD

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Retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Senior Scientific Intelligence officer Eugene Poteat, goes on the record:

"The trip to Smolensk was expected to highlight Russia finally admitting culpability in the massacre, after long having blamed it on the Germans, an atrocity they had tried to conceal for over 70 years.

Eugene Poteat, retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligence Officer.

As for the reception committee, it had different ideas. Putin wasn’t looking forward to such an occasion. Into this poisonous reception brew was President Kaczynski’s well-known public criticism of Moscow and Putin, a habit that has ended the lives of others within Russia – and abroad. A few discouraging Russian requirements – that Kaczynski could not attend in any official capacity – did not halt the Poles. Kaczynski would go anyway on non-official, “personal” business. To Russians, such a distinction would be meaningless, not lessening the possible international excoriation of such an event. A problem ripe for a modern, Russian solution: a tragic, ‘natural’ accident."

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